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 As a child, have you ever handled something, admired it, thought about how it was made and then thought I wonder what kind of things I could make from this? 

I was lucky enough to experience this as part of my high school curriculum I was introduced to plastic in tech studies mainly acrylic and polycarbonate; I fell in love with the material, and my wondering started.  Acrylic and polycarbonate plastic is really easy material to work with, it can be cut, bent, shaped, formed, molded, polished and that's just a few things, its great and created a desire for me to do more with plastics. 

I was looking for a job in the field of plastics as a school leaver, through a school work experience program, I offered an apprenticeship as an optical mechanic, not quite what I expected, but it was working with plastic spectacle frames. After learning skills from older tradesmen, I found that working with this type of "eyewear plastic" Cellulose Acetate, was amazing, it was so resilient to body acids and rough handling, so flexible yet strong, it had a memory, could be repaired, heated and shaped, filed and sanded, milled and cut, came in incredible colours, even be repolished you could describe it as being organic. 

I was truly amazed by this material, how could I get to work more with this plastic, my job only handled finished frames and involved fitting of lenses to them, not making the actual frame.  I had all these ideas on crazy frame styles, there had to be demand for them; the standard frames were generic in design and fit, as part of my job we use to modify existing frames to fit patients with non standard facial features, such as odd nose widths, facial sizing widths, extreme scripts or anything that a standard frame could not accommodate. 

Taking this train of thought further, Individual Eyewear was born in 1987. I started specialized in making handmade bespoke frames to fit patients who could not find an "off the rack" frame to fit.  With no formal training in making spectacle frames (there is no training in Australia for this career), I began my new life,resigning from my job,to follow my passion, I was 25.  Starting from a modest laundry on the back of our house, using hand saws, files, hand mills, anything I could to make my first frames. 

The plastic and components were purchased from other operating eyewear manufacturers.  The first frames would take a whole day to make and hand polish.  Gradually, as other factories closed, we began to purchase their second hand machinery, and where possible made our own, very simplified machinery to suit our limited production of one off's. 

 I had never been to a large trade show and was encouraged to visit MIDO, one of the largest optical trade shows in the world, held in Milan around May. Attending MIDO for the first time was mind boggling, so many frame making machinery manufacturers, so many plastic colours to choose from, so many frame designers selling their brands, thousands of frames, how would we compete?

We decided to make a small range of bespoke sunglasses, selling them thru a boutique clothing store in Adelaide; this led to a small optical range then being sold thru optical outlets we had made one off's for and so the ball got rolling. 

 I say we, because my partner Bev, has been loyal to the business since it began, handling the sales, marketing, and administration, general running of the business and tolerating working with me, her extensive background in optical dispensing is always providing further ideas for design. 

Going through the earlier years of starting the business required me to work part time jobs so as to continue the  growth of the business, at one stage working 3 different jobs at odd hours, so I could still work on frames during the day.  After years of constantly investing in new machinery, new colours and technology, Bev and myself now have a great little business providing the optical industry with our unique range of limited and bespoke eyewear. 

Starting with the world's finest components, including the best of Italian frame materials such as Mazzucchelli, LA/ES and Libera Ugo, I believe we create an object of beauty far superior to production line mediocrity.  Producing only 1,500 pairs of frames a year means we keep our product exclusive and individual, it also keeps the product totally within our control, regarding all facets of manufacture, sales, quality and service, we do it all. 

Having over 20 years of frame making experience, if there is a problem you talk to us the maker, not a sales representive or middle man.

 With over 500 colours and just as many styles we can tailor make or modify any of our models in any of our colours to suit you.

 Eyewear is quite subjective; each person has a view as to how they feel about the style or colour or a design aspect, if you wish a totally bespoke frame for your own indulgence, we can make it for you.  There is no limit to the imagination or creativeness of design frames; it is up to the wearer to be individual enough to wear them.